SHENZHOU is an energy commodity trading and investment company. We utilize the market network, trading knowledge and logistics channels to integrate the global resources, and deliver commodities to clients efficiently and responsibly, meeting the clients’ requirement timely. Through our professional services, we build a bridge between producers and market customers to improve the efficiency of commodity circulation, saving social costs.
Our industry-leading technology, expertise and produce capacity enable us to develop concise and efficient solutions to complex and difficult challenges.
SHENZHOU is pleased to announce that it has located its Eastern China headquarter to Jianghai Business Plaza, Dinghai District, Zhoushan,Zhejiang Province. Operations began on 20 May 2022.“Our new ...
The strategic partnership combines SHENZHOU’s expertise in oil and gas fields particularly the trading...
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E-mail :xu.zhu@shenzhouenergy.com.cn
11th Floor, Building B, Jianghai Business Plaza,No.158 Hexing Road,Dinghai District, Zhoushan 316000, P.R. China
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